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Drawbridge Exercise

About the Drawbridge Exercise

In hopes to teach kids how perceptions of the world are skewed through Power, Authority, Societal Values, Racial Trauma, and Culture. What role we play in recreating trust in our educational system? It’s time to Creatively Help Our Youth Conquer Education & Success.

Dance Academy

About the Dance Academy

The summer dance academy came at a time when the world was in an uproar due to the police brutality of Black people. Thus, we focused on social justice with songs like “Freedom” by Beyonce “Man in the Mirror” and “They don’t really care about us” by Michael Jackson. While teaching the dances, the youth were encouraged to discuss their feelings and how the lyrics to the songs resonated with them. There were mini discussions about the role they play in society. This led to the Fall social Justice book club that allowed its participants to become change agents in their community. They engaged in books about social justice and then planned an event to bring awareness and raise money for a social justice issue of their choice, which was gun violence.

Summer Coding Class

About the Summer Coding Class

Introduce your child to the concepts of coding or strengthen their knowledge with the summer coding class.

Addressing Racial Inequality

About the Racial Inequality Talk

Tune in to a virtual talk where Dr. Danielle S Goolsby discusses racial inequality and implicit bias.

Helping to End Gun Violence

About the Fight to End Gun Violence

Join the movement to end gun violence and participate in or support the upcoming events and marches.

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