Here at CHOYCES we understand how difficult education can get at times, that is why we are always here for you!

Success & Education!

We wanted to make sure you succeed, therefore we have put together a variety of resources to your disposition, to help you throughout your journey.

K-12 Tutoring

CHOYCES offers online tutoring for all major subjects including Math, English, Arts, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies for students K-12.

We work through individualized instruction using research based supplemental resources such as Raz Kids, Reading A-Z, AdaptedMind, Mathletics, Khan Academy and ReadTheory



With our SAT/ACT programs, we will assist students to prepare for these exams or to raise their scores in order to help them feel more confident and prepared for test day. The sessions are over the course of 19.5 hours.



Services are available to assist students to prepare for individual SAT subject tests to improve skills in specific subjects. The sessions are over the course of 6 hours.



Services are available to assist students with the PSAT, an exam taken prior to SAT. Many sessions are over the course of 16.5 hours.


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We provide assistance with every step of the college application and essay process to ensure that deadlines are met and are done efficiently and effectively.

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Finding the correct college for each student is an important, but difficult decision. We provide assistance in finding the one that is the right fit and provides the best opportunities.

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We guide each student to ensure that they are taking the correct classes in High School, developing important skills, and exploring extracurricular opportunities.

Virtual Store

Because learning can be fun!

Introducing the new virtual store for CHOYCES.

Students can accumulate points by performing well with their assigned tutors. We want to encourage students to stay engage with learning by offering fabulous rewards.

Earn points by performing well during you tutoring sessions!

Speak with your tutor to keep track of points accumulated!

Save up points to spend on fun prizes!

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At CHOYCES, we are all about Creatively Helping Our Youth Conquer Education & Success!

That’s why CHOYCES offers a free online informative consultation so you can learn more about CHOYCES and how we can help you conquer education & success.

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