ALL about C.H.O.Y.C.E.S

All about C.H.O.Y.C.E.S.

By Reneé Medina

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C.H.O.Y.C.E.S LLC, is a New York-based online tutoring and educational consulting service for students K-12. Founded by Dr. Danielle Goolsby in 2019, she was always passionate about education. As she believes that all children have the ability to learn, she wanted to create a space for children to thrive and learn digitally.
Having served over 100 students through hosted classes and tutoring, the organization also has locations in Florida and Maryland. As a result, the organization has served children throughout different parts of the United States such as the West Coast and Midwest. The organization has also hosted over 500 interns globally to support its education efforts.
Compared to other virtual learning organizations, C.H.O.Y.C.E.S provides educational services through different channels such as virtual college visits, webinars, and in-person academies. In addition, C.H.O.Y.C.E.S tailors to students’ specific needs during tutoring sessions, highlighting successful African Americans who have contributed to STEAM. The organization also furthers students’ overall education experience by making them aware of social issues. This allows them to think critically outside of the school curriculum.
The organization strives to help today’s youth conquer education and success by guiding students to embrace their identity. It also guides students to gain perspectives on multiculturalism and inclusivity. C.H.O.Y.C.E.S strives to help students become lifelong learners who aspire to continuously improve themselves for future generations.
By changing the way children are traditionally educated, C.H.O.Y.C.E.S uses children’s creative gifts to provide proper instruction in guiding them to future careers.


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